Festival Events and Activities

2024 Festival Events and Activities Coming Soon!

Zinda Festival Workshops at Bendigo Marketplace: Community Hub Space

From 18th September to 9th October, visit Bendigo Marketplace: Community Hub Space that will surely keep you and your young one captivated over the school holiday break.

Hanna Art: Wednesday, 20th September from 10am – 12pm

Discover Henna art’s rich tradition and mystical designs right on your hand. This session is open to people of all ages. Learn about Henna’s history and cultural significance as you get one.

Origami Workshop: Wednesday, 27th September from 10am – 12pm

Step into the world of Japanese artistry with our Origami workshop, accessible to all ages.

  • NOTE: In Japan, people fold 1,000 origami cranes to express their wishes and are sent to Hiroshima, where the atomic bomb was dropped 78 years ago, which has a Peace Memorial Park. There, ‘Senbazuru’ cranes sent from all over the world are displayed that are filled with wishes for world peace.

Sadly, wars still continue to ravage the earth, which is why we want to take this opportunity and fold ‘Senbazuru’ together in the hope of world peace. You can also join us on the following dates and times:

  • LCMS Office
    • Date: Wednesday, 6th and 13th of September and Wednesday, 4th of October
    • Time: 3:30 pm to 5 pm during Youth Network Homework Club
  • Zinda Festival
    • Date: Saturday, 7th October
    • Time: 11 am – 4 pm

African Drumming Workshop (Seniors Only): Thursday, 5th October from 12pm – 1pm

Experience the vibrant rhythms of Africa with our special drumming workshop, exclusively for our senior community members. This workshop will introduce you to the lively world of African percussion music. Learn from our experienced instructors, feel the beat and immerse yourself in this uplifting and empowering musical tradition.

Please note that bookings are essential for this workshop. To secure your spot, please email zinda@lcms.org.au